Changing blog


I have a new blog, this here will be defunct soon.

So pls. change your bookmarks to:


Recycling instead of buying paper


I was just thinking that letterwriting results in using lots of paper.No trees should die cause I as a penfriend need more paper! Agree?

So how about using something that is considered “trash” for making new stationery? How could one do that?

Using old wall calendars – writing on the backside.

Oneside printed office paper & decorate it.

I’ll keep collecting ideas & showing pictures once I get round to something. Still time for letterwriting is too limited, I’m afraid …

Time & mail


Ah, I so wish I had more time for writing letters + making mail art, being artistic – after looking on mail blogs (like Missive maven) I got so into it! Or look here:

Let’s see. At least I wrote one letter going to Belgium the past days. It takes me a week or more to finish even one.

How do you fit letterwriting into your daily routine?

I have been very very busy ever the past months … so I hardly get the time, seriously. And that to me, who was always fond of ‘making time for something’. Oh well.

Beltaine … Walpurgis night …


Do you celebrate?

Beltaine …Walpurgis night …(see: Wikipedia)

Something else?



Its this time of year where everything is in full bloom, a richness delighting one’s eyes and noses … and birds voices in one’s ears …

Maifest on 1st May is the equivalent in German, Austrian places. Not that much celebrated in Vienna where it’s more a political festivity. (Deep sigh. Socialdemocrats have lost long time the touch to working world.)

Well, at least this was another reason for a posting – hope you add comments!