English Rose & China rose teas


You all know that I’m very fond of tea (and it’s culture). So why not start this new blog here with a good tea review? After all, I have had quite some hassle with strange happenings – new mobile phone not working right, a new winter jacket that was torn & not repaired in the promised time … things like that, which make you wonder as a customer…

But I also had a positive thing happening, I finally found a source for rose-tea! In Vienna, yes! And actually near by home. What a joy. Since I first drank rose tea in Budapest, I was looking for it. I got another pack in Prague when I was there, but they don’t offer it any more (out of stock, another strange to a customer). Then my partner had found a source in Germany, but not being there often, it’s not ideal.

Now in the shop here, the nice lady even offered me two teas:

One is called English rose and has black tea with rose petals and vanilla and some other addings. Sweet and tasty!

The other is called China rose and it’s pure black tea and rose petals.

I got a small package of each to decide which one I like better – but I love both of them. Oh joy!


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  1. My rose tea experiences comes from Lebanon. Where i drunk “white coffee” at the airport just before leaving. Since that vacation i always have rosewater in my fridge. A few drops of this heavenly water 🙂 into hot water and MMMMMMMMMM …. very tasty and relaxing!!!!

  2. It’s always wonderful to find “hidden” places of such small pleasures… I got some tea from my sister in Germany for Christmas – it tastes really good:-)

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