Austria news


Have just come back from a longish phone talk with a potential new customer. Here are some Austria news for you:

The increase of charges and rents in Vienna does not stop. Viennas mayor Michael Häupl (Socialdemocrats) declared a new increase for the next year.

Already in the past years, the citizens of Vienna had to suffer under an unbelievable price rise. But it seems there is still no end in sight. Viennas mayor explained in a press conference, that the capital of Austria needs more money desperately.

Makes me really furious, as they need more money cause of spending too much on festivities, political incomes and so much more! The last sentence is not true – the elections has been long ago and we’ll see what happens in next one!

New Burgtheater boss

This year’s main cultural discussion topic will be how Matthias Hartmann is doing as new Burgtheater direc- tor. The German will have his baptism of fire as he takes over from Austrian Klaus Bachler as director of the prestigious theatre in Vienna.

Will only happen in autumn – quite a while to prepare for him as yet. Burgtheater is a sensitive working place for a director though …

Russians invade Austrian Alps
Over 240,000 Russians visited Austria this year.

Good for our economy. 😉 But I read an article about skiing ressorts, it said that most people (regardless from where) had already booked their winter holidays, when


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