Movie "Kamosh pani – Silent Waters"


I saw a really good movie yesterday – if you can get hold of it, you have to see it! It’s a women movie, a women story, and very powerful and thrilling.

It’s the first movie directed by a woman in Pakistan: Sabiha Sumar.

A summary you can see >> here:

Set in 1979 Pakistan, General Zia-ul-Haq has imposed martial law and, within a few months, the country is decreed a Muslim state. Aicha, a well-adjusted woman in her forties, devotes her life to the education of her eighteen-year-old son Salim, in the little village of Charkhi, in the Pakistani Penjab. Salim is a quiet dreamer, but the fast moving political situation fills Aicha with anxiety, since her son is changing out of all recognition. Written by Sujit R. Varma

The movie deals with the historic cruel happenings about the separation of India and Pakistan. It talks about the conflict between previoulsy living together peacefully siksh and muslims and how women suffered most of it. Forced to suicide by their own families (to keep the socalled honour of the family untouched), those women who could escape that threat, it is told, had more chance to survive if they lived in the enemy’s family … What a story!


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