Well, I’m battling some work related stress again … and what do I read at Luisa Francia?

stress by the way is not caused by lack of time but by too many expectations.

My, this makes me think. Personally, worrying and anxiety stress me most. But what lays behind? Could it be the expectations – those I have – those others have in me?

Fact is, I have quite some work, though some got finally finished officially. Fact is, when I think about it, I will (should I say “should”?) well be able to manage stuff in time. Fact is, I was so worried and in trouble last year, that I still remember it well. And my body does so too. Those memories stick in our bones, muscles, nerves.

I might do some EFT therapy myself (Emotional Freedom Techniques – look here) – to get some freedom myself from those memories. Things do take time to heal …

Have also had my second yoga class yesterday morning – luna yoga – and loved it! Very refreshing and soft and also relaxing. I came out into the sunshine and loved it and then went to one of my fave cafes to write and loved it drank coffee and loved it and wrote some as I think genial ideas πŸ˜‰ and loved that most of all! Haha. In the afternoon I felt tired but realized this might just be the relaxation that starts to change my body…?

In the evening I went to a book reading from some sister-writers, short detective storys about money – very good.

And other than that, I keep having warm breakfasts and love that too! Such a change to life. Every winter, I learn something essential … even though I have had so little time to really relax, it still happens.


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  1. For me, it’s been difficult to just live and enjoy one day at a time. I used to think way too much into the unknown future, and that made me anxious. My advice would be live each day to the fullest. Don’t think about the future (no more than necessary), don’t think about the past, just think about today and what you need and want to do. Keep working out/exercising, as I also find it helps relax and clear the mind. My two cents to you πŸ™‚

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