I like how this lady talks about how she writes:

Personally, I need to fall in love with a story sentence by sentence. I need to fit pieces of plot together with the care of a jeweler setting gems — picture me, little jeweler’s glass stuck in one eye, tiny tweezers in my hand, working very slowly. I need the joy of craft to keep me engaged. I need to reread what I’ve written and be thrilled with it and proud of myself and in love with my words, and then go on.

That’s me. I’m just saying: take all writing advice with a grain of salt. You might need to ignore even the most logical and sound advice; your brain needs what it needs; learn your own mind, develop your own owner’s manual to your brain, and proceed accordingly.

From the blog “Grow Wings” by writer & artist Laini Taylor.

I work much like that when writing. I need to look at the story and the characters from all sides. Fall in love with them. I feel like an architect building the story. Such beautiful feeling to create. There is beauty in it and power. There is survival in it and happiness. Nurturing and letting go. And so much more.

I guess I shall do some more writing!


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