Vienna impressions + daily life


Life is getting slowly more relaxed. I make it more relaxed. I try to calm myself. I learn this well through yoga. Our teacher reminds us which muscles to relax (example: quite typical you’re not easily relaxed in your shoulders, neck, head – but she tells us to loosen when the exercise means us to do that). Yoga has already taught me so much and I’m very glad about it. The first weeks, I ended up totally tired the days after yoga lessons … but that’s gone. I take better care of myself. (Without forgetting about the world around me! :-))

So, I’m progressing. I feel like having had a burn out over the past couple of months or almost a year. I feel worn out & I need to take care of that.

For that reason, as soon as the present work is finished, I will only accept new work a month later and just go relaxing and writing and unwinding and recharging

I would also like to start out on a creative journal or something, something that is different from using ‘only words’, if you know what I mean. Let’s see what ideas I get … any ideas anyone?

Feeling a lot better today, it makes such a different having met some friends and ate out last evening – good! Not to work until late at night, but to chat and not having to think about what to cook! I had a quite spicy pot of vegetables, potatoes in coconut sauce and rice with it. Also lotus tea but it had no taste – well it was tea bag only. 😦

If you’d like to see impressions from Vienna – I have just discovered this blog:
Some nice photos!


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  1. Yes, it’s a good idea to rest for a while and recharge your batteries!!!:) I love the new look of your blog, by the way!!!:) Beautiful, romantic and very, very artistic!!!:)

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