Oh it’s going to be spring


While Ireland and Lithuania might have to face a state bancrupcy, spring makes a really tiny appearance in Vienna … but it does smell like it! While trees are as naked as before and the sky is still grey, the rain drops keep falling … on the surface, everything seems to be like all the past months. But there is this tiny, tiny difference. This certain smell in the air: Oh it’s going to be spring. Hard to explain. Some wet, wet smell of soil, that wasn’t there only a few days before. Bird singing their songs, that didn’t do that only some days ago … It’s getting light at 6.30 in the morning and it really feels like … Oh it’s going to be spring. Soon, soon. Maybe a few weeks, but we’ll get there! :-)))

Today has been a very productive writing day, I have written up 2 chapters of my new manuscript, and started looking into the corrected manuscript # 1 that has come back to me from the publisher’s editor (a woman). I’ll have to make the amendments until end of the month. They want to layout it after that … makes me wonder about publication date?!

I’m in touch with another writer whose first book will come out these days, and it has been a lot of fun to talk about our works and all and how we want to approach journalists about our book-babies, and the like. Well, a bit crazy, but that’s ok. Writing is crazy in the end. šŸ˜‰


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  1. I had the spring feeling in Oslo as well… Until I woke up yesteday morning and realised that it was SNOWING! Oh well, can’t seem to do anything with that… And now it’s Sunday evening and it’s still snowing….

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