Writing … and writing … and writing


On a not so glorious time, one has to find the treats out there … like reading some posts full of inspiration! Such as about packages on Grow Wings … mind you, it makes me remember how fond I got of mail first when I got my own first personal letter when I was only 8! From then one, I was hooked to the mailbox. 😉 Imagine, a girl waiting to letters addressed to her … and not many wrote letters then! I hope to be *writing* more letters myself these days.

Also my fiction writing is going great. I have received back the edited version of my book manuscript from the editor at publishing house; and yesterday the layout designer for the books cover got in touch first (I had said I would have some photos on topic they might use). So I’m very impatient to see what he’ll make out of it …

On other news, there was a writers ladies meeting this week with only 7 including me (usually 15-20) and I was quite confused and even more when I heard there was another meeting two days later … makes you think …

I might also meet another writer face to face … we got in touch via internet … that should be fun!!!


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