My detective novel – the path to publication


Have been working on the edited version of my new manuscript, that I received from the editor. It’s interesting how quickly I was familiar with my story again. And it’s such a difference to work with a professional editor in the process of publishing. Things I haven’t seen in the text before that now caught my attention as she marked them. It’s not as difficult as I first thought!

But, of course, due to it, other things have been neglected. Contact to friends, for example. I hope everybody will understand …

Ah, and I had to smile about this:

It’s good to be a writer. Your characters can be cooler than you.
Laini Taylor –


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  1. As long as you are enjoying and finding interesting this editing part of your novel, I’m sure everybody will understand the silence. I saw a movie the other day, where one of the characters was the editor of a writer. You came to mind! Interesting how one associates certain things, don’t you think?

    By the way, there’s an award waiting for you! Come to my blog and read your nomination. 🙂

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