Update on my detective novel


Well, so, I got another edited version of my manuscript & was now told this is the last time I could get in changes of content (spelling etc. will still be checked). So, I’m under a bit of pressure, to not oversee some basic mistakes or anything. Well, perfectionism at last minute – I guess.

This morning, I had a nice breakfast at a cafe (Alt Wien)(more photos here, here, and here) with a sister-writer, so nice and interesting and inspiration and a real treat to not be busy at the PC most of all! Went to an old cafe that once upon a time belonged to an old aunt of mine.

Now I had a message from some other sister-writer to finally send off the manuscript … telling me it won’t get any better now any more if it isn’t good yet … like if you learned through all night at school days. So true. So I’ll have to check it once again, the text I mean, and then off to the publisher. Fingers crossed!

I have another cover-design now & we’ll have to check that still …


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