A strange silence


I’m in a kind of strange mood. Of course, when you finally accomplish a big project (whatever it is) – you might feel a strange emptiness (when I was acting in a theatre group, the founder / stage director felt the same after the premiere …). I’m sure some of you have experienced this?
For me, finishing the corrections on the novel comes together with finishing most work-projects, and that makes suddenly so much time. 🙂 Which is good in itself, but quite unusual and hence, the strange feelings.
I have to do some errands anyway & would like to meet some people … yes, deprived of social contact is often what happens to writers during intensive writing process.


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  1. I does happen to me!! It has happened every time I have finished a career at the University, when I reached a goal, or when something I waited for long to happen, happens. It’s an odd feeling indeed. Personally, not only do I try to enjoy the free time, but I also try to find things to do: clean and organize a deks, drawer or closet most likely 😉

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