Sudden almost-summer-weather


Suddenly, it got warm and sunny – 21° yesterday! I had my first ice cream, did the first bicyling outing (short one, luckily), have planted herbs in my window box, that I bought this morning in the market while also having breakfast with a friend, sitting outside in a nice cafe. Things like that make life so easy and pretty!

What’s your first-first spring experiences?

And now I’m on to writing, another detective novel, got quite some inspiration while being outside! Typical for me, I must say. 😉


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  1. Well, not Spring here, but the first signs summer is coming is me listing to Bossa Nova, warm temperatures, and blue skies. I spend little time indoors, and like to be outside, taking care of the flowers, or just wandering.

  2. Wish I could say we have such a wonderful weather as well… It was lovely and sunny during the weekend, luckily, but the last couple of days it has been grey and cold…:(

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