Back from holidays and …


… I have been busy. Did lots of tasks concerning writing life. Nice tasks. Such as arranging the presentation date for my detective novel. Talking to our lovely bookseller here around. Having lots of other funny and nice ideas.

Afterwards, ran my writing group there. That was fun too as my writing-task for them was: A travel story with at least 3 elements. (Means: Not just describing one sunset, but 3 different elements for a story.) Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Today I have arranged for a presscorner on my website, uploaded fotos though having trouble with uploading a word-document which seems strange – it works with me but not on the page itself then. I will solve that too.

aussee-trisselwand-see-09My /our holidays were great and I relaxed, even though it was raining so much – five days almost without a break. Typical Austria esp. in Salzkammergut. And I even wrote and mailed a few letters …


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