Successful book presentation


On Tuesday this week, I hosted the book presentation for my novel – and it was glorious! “Mord, Muffins & Musik” was the topic kind of.

We arrived early, already found a sister-writer there and chatted a bit. Then the musician arrived, we spoke last bits about when music and how long text passages are read.

Next arrived a friend who had baked the best muffins in town … and decorated them according to a crime-reading. πŸ˜‰

Then audience started to arrive, early as well, the bookshop filled up fast – and in the end, there were 53 guests! Wow.

I was reading together with my partner, who read the male characters in dialogues. We had arranged the parts of the books to be read very long and perfectly, it seems, after what I heard.

Great blues music on the guitar! People laughing. Good atmosphere. An artistic photographer. Someone else made photos – both I haven’t seen yet. I forgot to take any myself …

Before and afterwards, so much fun to talk to everyone … though it was difficult as there were so many and some left soon. I heard so many nice comments!

A few writers and I went to a pub close by for a drink and some more chats, which was good too.

So, wohooo, all went by fine & now the book will sell big! :-))

Edit 13. Aug.: The publisher is already printing more copies!

Edit, here’s the book in stores:

Schwarztee-Buchhandlung Schwarztee-Literaturbuffet


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  1. Congratulations Anni!! I’m happy for you and for this great achievement in your professional life. Here’s to many more!

    PS I finally have a wordpress account, and I finally came by to read your blog πŸ™‚ Better later than never, huh? πŸ˜‰

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