Back from Holidays


Back again from my shorter holidays in Norway and Berlin. It was great, met my friend in Oslo & a writer-sister in Berlin. And did not write for 10 days and did not mind that either. Funny enough! Usually I love to write, but I was quite busy and kind of finished one part of what was to do on a new book project, so it already felt like “I’ll probably not write in the holidays” before I left. And it really did me a whole lot of good.

Norway was interesting, first visit, colder, but mostly sunny enough in Oslo, clouded and rainy (only for about 1 1/2 days) in Bergen. Made a fjord-ship-tour as well. Pretty nature!

Now back in Vienna, I’m back to writing. The weather is good, so I have been swimming in the mornings. I’m working on two new book projects of my own – the follow up to “Schwarztee” is what I’m revising now, and there is a second book that is touring the publishers/agents.


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