Busy again


Since autumn has come, work life has become more busy again. It’s quite ok still and there are interesting assignments!

My detective novel has published in 2nd edition already in September, the first one of 2000 copies sold within 1 month. Wohooo! Hurra! I’m still happy the book lays in big piles in Vienna’s bookstores & hopefully also in Salzkammergut where the story is set to a big part.

And the detective novel #2 I sent to the publisher / my editor as well a while ago, so let’s see.

Autumn has come here also weatherwise, it’s rather cool today, the first real cool and grey day with a bit of rain too. Socks, candles, tea …! Last weekend I still went swimming after some nice day trips hiking.


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  1. I’m so happy to hear that your detective novel has been such a success!!!:) Congratulations!!!:) I hope your second detective novel will be just as successful!!!:) Fingers crossed for you, my dear!!!:) *hugs*

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