Letter Writing is a Dialogue


Letter Writing is a Dialogue,Not a Monologue…

says Laura on http://www.friendship-by-mail.com/Letter-Is-A-Dialogue.html. And more than once, I have realized how letters are hard to write when there is only monologue. With my best penpals, I have shared discussions that may even lead across several letters both ways. I have learnt a lot of things on daily life or special issues on a particular country and culture. We often think things are the same all over, but they aren’t – even little things may differ, mail man delivers mail to the door in some countries, others they are stuffed in to postboxes downstairs – that is how it is in Austria. Things like that.

Which interesting differencies have you come across? What have you learned from penpals?


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  1. I have been writing letters since I was seven years old. I have always loved the feel of a comfortable pen in my hand and the motion of casting it across an empty white page. Through my experiences in writing letters, I feel I have discovered a lovely secret, one that would be lost to those who are immersed soley in computer communication: that it is possible to form very deep longterm friendships with women I have never met who live all over the world. In spite of the differences among us, there are so many traits that we do share: the most important being the need to express oneself and the need to be understood. It is qualities such as these which tie us together and make us feel closer than the physical distances that exist among us.

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