Writing trip

Ausseerland (c) Anni Bürkl

Ausseerland (c) Anni Bürkl

At the moment, I’m spending some time in the countryside to write on a new crime novel. Still, I managed to write a few letters – 1 and a half, so to speak, cause I haven’t yet finished the 2nd one. I may do so on the train when going home – one of the fastest letters I ever wrote was on the train to Germany back last summer. Kind of “you can’t escape” and will go on writing, while at home or on the vacation, there is always something going on and interrupts thoughts and writing.

Where do you write your letters?

Do you have a special place to do this?

Do you write letters outside home too? Where?

What has been one of the best letterwriting moments you can remember?


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  1. Since the surface of my desk is undetectable beneath a mountain of books, I usually write my letters while curled up in a pile of pillows on the bed. No winter blue can get me down on a day when I have my penpal letters, letter papers, stickers, my favorite Parker pen, and my colorful metallic gel pens all spread out all around me, and I have a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea beside me in my favorite Portmeirion cup with dragonflies which I bought in London at Harrod’s!

    Whenever I travel, I always make sure I have all my writing materials with me. Writing letters is a superb occupation while waiting for planes and riding long distance trains. Also, it is very enjoyable for me to write about my experiences and share them with friends who cannot be there with me. I always enjoy receiving letters about the trips my friends go on as well.

    I have been writing penpal letters since I was 7 years old. My first penpal was from Ohio and her name was Lisa. After several years of corresponding, sadly, we lost contact, as so often happens. This leads up to the best letter writing moment I have had, which was just last year. I was listening to a news story on tv one night about a mill that had burned to the ground in Ohio. A woman from a town in Ohio I had heard of was being interviewed about the event. Hearing that town name made me remember that I had had a good penfriend who lived there many years ago. I sat down to do an internet search, and after a while was able to locate a woman whom I was nearly sure was my penfriend, and she was still living in the same town! I wrote her a letter and mailed it, with my apologies if I had reached the incorrect person. She wrote back immediately! We even remembered the dates of each other’s birthdays, after 37 years! It was a very special reunion, indeed.

  2. All of my best letter writing memories have happened in cafes. I think when you go out to write a letter it feels more like an event. I write from home too, but it’s never memorable.

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