Very concerned about what is going on in Japan after earthquake, tsunami and probable nuclear  meltdowns – but very angry about how atom lobby keeps saying atom energy would be safe … what else has to happen until they admit how actually scary it is?!!!

For more reading, I recommend Luisa Francias diary. (Entries from 12. and 13. March 2011 and on.)

It all reminds me of the Tschernobyl accident that happened when I was 16 – and to this day, nobody exactly knows what its influence to people’s health is/was/will be. And as in Japan the nuclear vapour will go to rain over the sea, or the rivers, it will affect the whole planet. There is no non-global happening as such.


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  1. I have watched and read about Tschernobyl, and what people have gone through medically speaking should be enough to understand that this type of power is more malignant than beneficial. Cancer, tumors, growing problems…and while they say that they have it under control in Japan, I know it won’t be the case.
    Prayers and thoughts with them.

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