Good mail karma wanted? – Call for creative penfriends, mail artists, …


Good mail karma wanted?

Welcome creative penfriends, mail artists and

people addicted to pen, paper, envelopes & stamps ie. the real postal mail.

So here’s the game:  Enter your name, adress or e-mail or blog here – so to provide some way of contact for interested new penfriends. 😉

Tell others what you’re looking for in a penpal / mail artist friend.

Note which countries you can send things.

For some people, that may be important due to postage prices

that can become very high nowadays.

Include your interests & your location /country.

And remember the karma rules: giving first – ie. write to at least one person here!



15 responses »

  1. Let me start this, as I’m the owner here.

    Greetings from Vienna.

    I’m a woman of now 41, fiction writer & tea addict, cat lover, into travelling, reading literature, dancing, swimming, cycling, walking, weather observations, other cultures and more.

    Creative letterwriters as new penfriends welcome. I enjoy long talkative letters that are a dialogue (I get sleepy over monologue/diary letters, that look like copied letters – sorry, not for me, such is a waste of time).

    Enjoying artsy letters and making my stationary at times, or decorating envelopes, but the letter itself is still the most important. I swap FB’s, but not more than 1 or 2 a time, due to high postage rates.

    You can contact me here via my blog.


  2. I am Amaya, from Spain. I am 37 years old.

    I look for sincere and long lasting penfriendship from all around the world, specially from Ireland and “Celtic nations” and Latinamerica. I look for pals who write long chatty letters, pals who share a dialogue with, to share our dreams, our opinions about different things, to talk about our countries and our daily lifes.

    My interersts: animals,travelling, reading, cooking, sea, chocolate, history, mithology, ancient cultures(mainly celts and incas), archaelogy, actuality, enviroment, tai-chi, music (different kinds, but mainly folk music, specially celtic and andean music)

    My email for contact:

  3. Hello, Anni,

    Hopping over here from the Good Mail Day blog. I’m a writer as well – have published many books for children and teenagers in the U.S., and many have been translated into other languages for international publication (see more on this at On top of that I write a parenting blog ( and spend a lot of time writing letters and making mail art – mostly collage and ATCs and highly decorated envelopes. I often use old and falling-apart children’s books in my art. You can see some of that at … I am always looking for people to exchange mail art with; letters can be sent to JAM in the mail, P.O. Box 335, Saratoga Springs, New York, 1286 USA. I would be very happy to exchange letters with you.

  4. Forgot to leave all pertinent information! I’m happy to send to any country.

    My interests are vintage children’s books, fiction, dogs, vegetarian cooking, gardening, letter writing, creative rubber stamping, collage. 50 years old, single mom.

  5. Hi Anni,
    I would love to have a new pen pal! I too am looking for a long term penfriend. I am new to mailart but I am loving the creative outlet it provides me – I get to experiment.
    I am a 51 year young woman and live in New England, USA. I love reading, books of all sorts, music, dabbling in haiku and all kinds of animals (esp. horses, dogs and cats). I love the being outdoors including just walking, hiking and kayaking.
    If you would like to contact me my email is

    Take care,

  6. Hi Anni!

    Welcome to the mail art/pen pal world! Going on 10 months of letter writing and mail art. I write to you from southern Rhode Island. I’ve been to Austria once and would welcome an Austrian pen pal.

    Laurie/Color of Inspiration
    76 Pinoak Drive
    Exeter, RI 02822

    I have a long list of likes and interests which I thoroughly enjoy sharing through letters and art pieces. I particularly enjoy seeing what others create rather than trying to fulfill my laundry list of what I want. I am appreciative of one’s time and talents. Letters received or mail art received will always receive a hand written response.

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

  7. Anni, thank you for your link!
    I’m Catherine from France. I’m 39.
    I look for sincere pen pals all around the world. I have many interests like indie music and cinema – some american serials like Mad Men – Walking dead – Breaking bad – Dexter or Wire – books – some american and japoneses mangas -photography – art in general – nature and sea – Brittany (my native region) – tea – travelling when i can…
    My email for a first contact :

    • Hi Catherine

      It is a great discovery on Anni’s blog and she is my new friend from Austria. The information at this page is attractive and informative. A special credit must dedicate to Anni !!

      My name is Chua from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m very keen to be your friend and it is the first time I heard of mail art. I felt I am very behind time and probably I had have not been correpsonded for a long time. I always wanted to look for sincere friends from around the world.

      I do hope to get a prompt response from you. My email address:


  8. Hello there,

    My name is Tamra Orr and I’m an avid letter writer. I am a full time author for kids’ books and other educational materials, plus mom to four. I homeschool, write columns for The Letter Exchange and Home Education Magazine, and read every chance I can. I love long letters full of questions that allow us to get to know each other better. Please feel free to write me at 18014 SE Kelly St., Portland OR 97236. Can’t wait to hear from you!

      • Nope, never did Carrie . . . . I am originally from Indiana. Lived there until 2001 and then in Oregon since.

  9. Hi! My name is Carrie Bohrer and I SO enjoy card making, stationary, pens, postcards, mail and handwritten letters!

    I am very new to the whole pen pal world, but I am so eager to start a pen pal relationship. I will write letters or send cards where ever I can. I am a mom of two girls and my husband and I own a grass seed company.

    I love reading, walking, hiking, nature, my girls, conversation, creativity and talking/writing. I’m very open to chatting about many different things in letters…I’m not really political and will write or learn to write about many things right now.

    If you’d like a pen pall, email me at and I’d be happy to exchange addresses with you!

  10. Hi, everyone! My name is Maria, and I live in Nebraska (middle United States). I’m open to a pen pal from anywhere, though I have to say that I’m not a mail artist if that’s important to you in a letter friend.

    I’m 42, married, mom to one daughter, and work as a medical librarian. I love dogs, writing (letters, my blog, and unpublished books), reading, and getting to know other people.

    You can e-mail me at to exchange addresses.

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