Getting connected …


In just about a week, I have a few lovely new contacts via the post about good mail karma – keep it going!

I hope to be doing more letterwriting again now that I have accomplished some project in writing. 😉 I have seen sooo nice ideas of mail art, to not just write the letter, but make it a piece of art. Look in some of the blogs I have listed in the link section.

How do you write your letter?

Do you decorate?

Ink? Ballpoint? Type?


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  1. I must admit that I am not very creative to make nice paper or envelopes, but I always try to decorate my paper with nice stickers to make it look nicer. Sometimes I use nice stationary, but it is quite difficult to find it in Spain, so I mostly use normal paper decorated with sitckers. Sometimes, my boyfriend looks for nice images in Internet and prints them for me on my papers

    I always handwrite my letters and use a blue liquid ink Pilot.

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