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Beltaine … Walpurgis night …


Do you celebrate?

Beltaine …Walpurgis night …(see: Wikipedia)

Something else?



Its this time of year where everything is in full bloom, a richness delighting one’s eyes and noses … and birds voices in one’s ears …

Maifest on 1st May is the equivalent in German, Austrian places. Not that much celebrated in Vienna where it’s more a political festivity. (Deep sigh. Socialdemocrats have lost long time the touch to working world.)

Well, at least this was another reason for a posting – hope you add comments!





Very concerned about what is going on in Japan after earthquake, tsunami and probable nuclearย  meltdowns – but very angry about how atom lobby keeps saying atom energy would be safe … what else has to happen until they admit how actually scary it is?!!!

For more reading, I recommend Luisa Francias diary. (Entries from 12. and 13. March 2011 and on.)

It all reminds me of the Tschernobyl accident that happened when I was 16 – and to this day, nobody exactly knows what its influence to people’s health is/was/will be. And as in Japan the nuclear vapour will go to rain over the sea, or the rivers, it will affect the whole planet. There is no non-global happening as such.

Bitter cold snowy winter


Bitter cold winter in Vienna: Last night it was really really freezing! Now it’s sunny and bright and still cold. I’ll be away in Styria a few days and let’s see how it’ll be there – they expect heavy snow falls soon!!!
Crime novel number 2 was sent to the publisher today. Hurra! I can relax – just a bit before I bundle new ideas. There are quite many on my mind, in various states, some more developed than others.