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Time & mail


Ah, I so wish I had more time for writing letters + making mail art, being artistic – after looking on mail blogs (like Missive maven) I got so into it! Or look here:

Let’s see. At least I wrote one letter going to Belgium the past days. It takes me a week or more to finish even one.

How do you fit letterwriting into your daily routine?

I have been very very busy ever the past months … so I hardly get the time, seriously. And that to me, who was always fond of ‘making time for something’. Oh well.


A strange silence


I’m in a kind of strange mood. Of course, when you finally accomplish a big project (whatever it is) – you might feel a strange emptiness (when I was acting in a theatre group, the founder / stage director felt the same after the premiere …). I’m sure some of you have experienced this?
For me, finishing the corrections on the novel comes together with finishing most work-projects, and that makes suddenly so much time. 🙂 Which is good in itself, but quite unusual and hence, the strange feelings.
I have to do some errands anyway & would like to meet some people … yes, deprived of social contact is often what happens to writers during intensive writing process.

Vienna impressions + daily life


Life is getting slowly more relaxed. I make it more relaxed. I try to calm myself. I learn this well through yoga. Our teacher reminds us which muscles to relax (example: quite typical you’re not easily relaxed in your shoulders, neck, head – but she tells us to loosen when the exercise means us to do that). Yoga has already taught me so much and I’m very glad about it. The first weeks, I ended up totally tired the days after yoga lessons … but that’s gone. I take better care of myself. (Without forgetting about the world around me! :-))

So, I’m progressing. I feel like having had a burn out over the past couple of months or almost a year. I feel worn out & I need to take care of that.

For that reason, as soon as the present work is finished, I will only accept new work a month later and just go relaxing and writing and unwinding and recharging

I would also like to start out on a creative journal or something, something that is different from using ‘only words’, if you know what I mean. Let’s see what ideas I get … any ideas anyone?

Feeling a lot better today, it makes such a different having met some friends and ate out last evening – good! Not to work until late at night, but to chat and not having to think about what to cook! I had a quite spicy pot of vegetables, potatoes in coconut sauce and rice with it. Also lotus tea but it had no taste – well it was tea bag only. 😦

If you’d like to see impressions from Vienna – I have just discovered this blog:
Some nice photos!

People Blues?


Well, sometimes I get something like a people blues: People who can never be friendly, can not say one positive word about something one has done for them – just wanting more and more and more. It is the same in work or in private life. Takers they are, energy vampires living from others. What can one do about it? Avoid them? Isn’t always possible (talk about relatives or having to work for money.) Oh well.

Today I’m starting to write on a new workproject and then in March I want to write solely on novel #2, so that it can get ready as a first version! It’s important to reserve time for that and I also need time to unwind and get over my burn out feelings of the past couple of months … almost a year or something.


Work keeps being intensive, but I have also been writing on book #2 quite a bit. And it got warmer today, rainy during the night, now some sunshine. Let’s hope there will be spring soon! I’m totally eager for warmer temperatures and more sunshine, more, more, …!!! Enjoying yoga, but there are some usual things that go around my mind and I wonder how to solve those. If ever …!

Too much pressure


Feeling too much under pressure workwise. 😦 I want more projects that are really mine and not just assignments to fill the bank account. 😉 Wish me luck! Today it’s pourring of rain here and I feel not sane physically, the pressure comes to me too much. At least I had a good nights sleep!