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“plant wild dreams like seeds”


Today I read in a magnificent blog: “I like to plant my wild dreams like seeds“. Isn’t that such a beautiful idea? Imagine how the plant of your dream comes out of the ground first in spring, then it grows … blossoms with beauty … and how you harvest the fruits later on … and how the plant sleeps a bit over winter … and comes out next year again …

Sometimes I feel not so good as usually about my dreams, it is when things do not progress as fast as I would wish. Maybe there is reason for it to happen like it does?

After all, the plants rhythm is like our rhytm of life, isn’t it?


And while at dreams and happenings, the publishing contract for detective novel #2 has been in the mail. Hurra! If all goes as it should, this book shall be born – or harvested, in the image above – this coming July 2010. Hurra! Sweet! I’ll keep you posted. I will write a few updates once in a while here, but please keep in touch personally most of all, will you?


Nature vibes


Just a shortie, I have been out a bit this weekend, and it’s done me sooo good. Lots of inspiration in nature, nice talks to people at a little plant-fair at the botanical garden, picking herbs yesterday, a small hike with a friend, things like that do me soooo good. I think nature & writing are my top fave things. 🙂

Writing in spring sunshine


Writing, writing, writing – and did I say, writing? 🙂 It’s going well mostly, and I love, love, love my new story! Every day, there is added some interesting new detail, some other turn of the story line, …

As I feel too stressed otherwise, with heavy heart beats and such, other things like letterwriting has been on the hold … please understand. Will only take a little more time. ;-))

A bit …


… of sunshine coming from between the heavy clouds that seemed to have besieged Vienna for weeks or months even. Just a little bit of sunshine … feels like a first announcement of spring! And yes, the snowdrops in our little yard have started to come out! How sweet. I already bought a little crocus pot yesterday. Still a lot of time to go until it does get warmer, but it will!

Picture above taken from Wikimedia-Commons.


I can now share a picture (taken only with mobile phone) – it’s where I go swimming in the summer! A few weeks ago, I went for a walk there. It was freezing for days and days, so there was heavy ice and people were skating in the sunshine. It was so pretty and such a good time in the sun as well!

Snow in Vienna


You should see and feel Vienna today: Softly covered in white beauty! I did a nice long walk this morning (like I often do before work) and loved the peace of this totally different landscape. I even saw some gardeners filling up the trays with birds-food. So cute! Everything seems to sleep, but is also preparing for the next circle of life … Makes you think about life, isn’t it?