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Writing & revising


I’m working on novel # 2 again and revising is going on. This tea glass in turkish style has held some inspiration for me. So nice! Good to know where the muse comes from to dance with me.

Teaglass - turkish style

… in between, looking forward to my book presentation next Tuesday. Last bits of preparations made.

Oh, and making nice contacts within writers … one I used to know got back in touch. So nice!

In between, there has also been delivered the new coloured blinds for our windows. Only one anger with some agency I worked with (big mistake) … The rest is fine. Fingers crossed please!


Vienna impressions + daily life


Life is getting slowly more relaxed. I make it more relaxed. I try to calm myself. I learn this well through yoga. Our teacher reminds us which muscles to relax (example: quite typical you’re not easily relaxed in your shoulders, neck, head – but she tells us to loosen when the exercise means us to do that). Yoga has already taught me so much and I’m very glad about it. The first weeks, I ended up totally tired the days after yoga lessons … but that’s gone. I take better care of myself. (Without forgetting about the world around me! :-))

So, I’m progressing. I feel like having had a burn out over the past couple of months or almost a year. I feel worn out & I need to take care of that.

For that reason, as soon as the present work is finished, I will only accept new work a month later and just go relaxing and writing and unwinding and recharging

I would also like to start out on a creative journal or something, something that is different from using ‘only words’, if you know what I mean. Let’s see what ideas I get … any ideas anyone?

Feeling a lot better today, it makes such a different having met some friends and ate out last evening – good! Not to work until late at night, but to chat and not having to think about what to cook! I had a quite spicy pot of vegetables, potatoes in coconut sauce and rice with it. Also lotus tea but it had no taste – well it was tea bag only. 😦

If you’d like to see impressions from Vienna – I have just discovered this blog:
Some nice photos!

Tea Museum in Hong Kong


Some time ago, I was given some nice stickers of teapots (lovely pictures!), on which it said “Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware”. Finally today I researched about it & find this museum is located an old house in Hong Kong. How interesting it would be to join one of their Chinese tea gatherings or have a guided tour along the tea ware exhibitions!

Here’s the link: Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

There is also some more information about Tea drinking in Hongkong on Wikipedia:

The teadrinking habits of Hong Kong residents derive from Chinese tea culture. After more than 150 years of British rule, however, they have changed somewhat to become unique in the world. This uniqueness is not only in terms of the tea itself, but also in terms of the underlying social and cultural values.


Hong Kong is a place with plenty of night life. In contrast, streets are almost empty from seven to eight in the morning. Most shops open at or after nine o’clock in the morning, where Cantonese restaurants open at about six or even earlier (restaurants in the Western District open at about 4:00am). The working class of Hong Kong usually have breakfast in these Cantonese restaurants in the early morning. They enjoy 一盅兩件 (Lit. One bowl with two pieces, meaning a cup of tea with two Dim Sums) and they read newspapers in the morning before they go to work. Many elderly people bring their caged birds to the restaurants and chat with others. They can spend a whole morning by doing this.

Funny, eh?

English Rose & China rose teas


You all know that I’m very fond of tea (and it’s culture). So why not start this new blog here with a good tea review? After all, I have had quite some hassle with strange happenings – new mobile phone not working right, a new winter jacket that was torn & not repaired in the promised time … things like that, which make you wonder as a customer…

But I also had a positive thing happening, I finally found a source for rose-tea! In Vienna, yes! And actually near by home. What a joy. Since I first drank rose tea in Budapest, I was looking for it. I got another pack in Prague when I was there, but they don’t offer it any more (out of stock, another strange to a customer). Then my partner had found a source in Germany, but not being there often, it’s not ideal.

Now in the shop here, the nice lady even offered me two teas:

One is called English rose and has black tea with rose petals and vanilla and some other addings. Sweet and tasty!

The other is called China rose and it’s pure black tea and rose petals.

I got a small package of each to decide which one I like better – but I love both of them. Oh joy!