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Great mail received


Hehe, today I picked up 2 wonderful pieces of mail, I will get photos as soon as possible. Funny enough, this arrives in perfect timing, since I just finished some writing projects/tasks/whatever you call it – so it will be a pleasure to write letters and be creative with my hands, decorating!

So here are my pictures – sorry they are not the clearest, hope to do better in the future.




Getting connected …


In just about a week, I have a few lovely new contacts via the post about good mail karma – keep it going!

I hope to be doing more letterwriting again now that I have accomplished some project in writing. 😉 I have seen sooo nice ideas of mail art, to not just write the letter, but make it a piece of art. Look in some of the blogs I have listed in the link section.

How do you write your letter?

Do you decorate?

Ink? Ballpoint? Type?

Writing trip

Ausseerland (c) Anni Bürkl

Ausseerland (c) Anni Bürkl

At the moment, I’m spending some time in the countryside to write on a new crime novel. Still, I managed to write a few letters – 1 and a half, so to speak, cause I haven’t yet finished the 2nd one. I may do so on the train when going home – one of the fastest letters I ever wrote was on the train to Germany back last summer. Kind of “you can’t escape” and will go on writing, while at home or on the vacation, there is always something going on and interrupts thoughts and writing.

Where do you write your letters?

Do you have a special place to do this?

Do you write letters outside home too? Where?

What has been one of the best letterwriting moments you can remember?

Writing is exciting


Wow, how exciting writing can be! I love stories – love to look at people – my city – love to imagine – see secrets – invent something around them. Imagination at its best!

Novel # 2 is in the editing process; # 3 is being written. Wohoo! And I keep learning interesting things. Like, acting out a novel & its characters with little playmobile figurines. That sounds interesting! I want to try. When I get hold of those little figurines in blank.



I spent the past 12 or so days on a writing stay in the mountains where I love it so much – and did infact get quite a bit written, got a plan made as well and worked out characters of the story. It was so pretty and romantic and peacefull! Lots of snow, silence, mountains, woods and frozen lakes.

Now I’m back to routine, brought Debbie to the vet yesterday, and working the usual stuff. Hehe.