Great mail received


Hehe, today I picked up 2 wonderful pieces of mail, I will get photos as soon as possible. Funny enough, this arrives in perfect timing, since I just finished some writing projects/tasks/whatever you call it – so it will be a pleasure to write letters and be creative with my hands, decorating!

So here are my pictures – sorry they are not the clearest, hope to do better in the future.




Getting connected …


In just about a week, I have a few lovely new contacts via the post about good mail karma – keep it going!

I hope to be doing more letterwriting again now that I have accomplished some project in writing. 😉 I have seen sooo nice ideas of mail art, to not just write the letter, but make it a piece of art. Look in some of the blogs I have listed in the link section.

How do you write your letter?

Do you decorate?

Ink? Ballpoint? Type?

Good mail karma wanted? – Call for creative penfriends, mail artists, …


A little “Servus” from Vienna

swiss post box pretty infront of mountains & lake

swiss post box pretty infront of mountains & lake

Hello everyone or Servus, as we say in Austria. I’m sorry this has been silent. Not yet sure, where the blog will take me. I have been thinking a lot about how I prefer the paper and handwriting, things you can touch, to the fast but instable internet correspondence.

What do you all think about it?

I’m back to letterwriting, at last. 🙂

Odd weird people


This whole internet thing is giving me thought – can it ever work for a friendship? Does it allow people to just send any silly e-mail instantly?

I sent someone a polite e-mail and what do I get back? Insult, hardcore insult.

Is there really 99% weirdos out there? Is anyone still thinking before hitting send-button?!!!

Seriously thinking about deleting e-mail address, blog and never writing to internet-advertisers.

How strange …